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    The inclusive kurilgender flag.
    The non-binary version of the flag (enbykurilgender).
    The feminine version of the flag (femkurilgender).
    The masculine version of the flag (masckurilgender).
    An alternate flag.
    An alternate flag.
    An alternate flag.
    An alternative square flag.

    Kurilgender is a xenogender in which one feels a strong connection to the kurilian bobtail cat (a very fluffy cat with a stump as a tail). This can also be a semi-fluid gender between the main kurilgender and any other gender, creating subtypes, such as masckurilgender, femkurilgender, and enbykurilgender. It is used as a subtype of catgender and possibly multigender. When used as a gender on its own, the "catness" fluctuates, and so does the other part. This gender is fluffy, soft to touch, and slightly energetic at times. At other times, it’s extremely tired.

    Kurligender can also describe someone whose gender is fluid between a subtype gender (eg. someone who is masckurilgender usually fluctuating between masculine genders but sometimes leaning towards feminine genders). For this definition, a user feels a connection to cats as well as the gender fluidity. The fluidity can be extreme spikes or a slow rise of the other gender.

    The “catness” is always there in this gender.


    The term was coined by Neoiscatboy on November 4, 2021. It was created through WhatsApp.[1][2]


    The first flag, the non-binary flag, the feminine flag, and the masculine flag were created by NessieSnail (also known as NessieSnail_A or NessieSnails) on November 4, 2021. The first flag contains three stripes which are split in three, each section representing the masculine, non-binary, and feminine versions of the flag. The colors of the first stripe are light blue, yellow, and pink. The next stripe has the same colors, but they've been lightened to pale/baby blue, pink, and yellow. On the last stripe, there is a purple that has been slightly desaturated. There are also some waves colored dark blue, dark purple, and saturated pink, and a pair of cat ears in the pale versions of blue, yellow, and pink as the colors of the ears. The blue of the ears is on the left side and the pink is on the right; however, the yellow is on both ears, taking up half of the space on each ear. The blue represents masculinity, the pink represents femininity, and the yellow represents non-binary genders. The dark purple on the waves represents non-binary genders as well. The light purple stipe at the bottom represents the other gender(s) that someone may identify as. The purple stripe can also represent xenogenders, catgenders, and multigenders. It also represents (moreso on the masculine and feminine versions of the flag) the inbetween of femininity and masculinity. The waves represent fluidity and fluctuation of the gender. The ears represent catlikeness/kurilian bobtail catlikeness, being fluff, and soft gender.[3]

    The alternate inclusive/masculine flag was created by Neothecatboy on November 4, 2021. It has the Japanese flag on it, as the species of cat (kurilian bobtail) is native to Japan. The rest of the flag's meanings are unknown.

    The definition for the last square flag:the paw appears in this flag because the people who use this label feel that their gender is related/ affected by the kurillian Bob cat. The Japanese is flag also appears because the Kurilan originates from Japan. The waves are for fluctuations in the persons gender. The spike if for sudden spikes in gender. It's also red orange and yellow due to the gender being very confusing or chaotic. The blue squiggle at the bottom doesn't stand for anything, just decoration.

    The other alternate flags were created by Neothecatboy on November 5, 2021. The last square was made on November 6, 2021. The last rectangular flag was made by NessieSnail on November 6, 2021.

    An alternative rectangular flag.


    The prefix "kuril" comes from the name of the cat breed, kurilian bobtail.


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