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    Keepromantic flag

    Keepromantic is a romantic orientation on the aromantic sectrum in which one may gain feelings for another at any pace, but as soon as the feelings are rejected by the other(s), all romantic interest that was previously felt disappears. For example, A may have romantic attraction to B but after B rejects A, all of the romantic attraction A experienced disappears as soon as it is known the feelings are not reciprocated. One may gain the feelings back after a certain period of time, although it is uncommon among keepromantics.

    Another form of keepromanticism is that one may lose feelings once a small piece of unreciprocated feelings is shown/implied by the other person/people. An example of this would be A (the keepromantic) feelings attraction to B with B hinting that they have attraction to A, but B refuses to act on the feelings, making A's romantic feelings disappear.

    The feelings do not have to confirmed unreciprocated, but only seen as even the slightest bit unreciprocated by the other, no matter the relationship. Being keepromantic is often caused by trauma but it does not have to be.

    The sexual counterpart is keepsexual.


    Keepromantic was coined on Jan. 6, 2021 by Dxxnkichu.


    The Keepromantic flag was made on January 9 2021, by user Starbarrow110. The flag has green, to represent romantic attraction, grey and white to represent a lack of romantic attraction, pink to represent the change in romantic attraction, and purple to represent the lack of reciprocation.

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