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    The kaitaromantic flag.
    A revised version of the kaitaromantic flag.

    Kaitaromantic is a romantic orientation describing the attraction to those who are real and/or fictional. The difference between fictoromantic and kaitaromantic is that kaitaromantic isn't exclusive attraction to fictional characters. However, it can still be considered a label under ficto umbrella. It is important to note that being kaitaromantic doesn't make one LGBTQ+ unless it coincides with another queer identity (eg. kaita-homoromantic). This is because most romantic identities, aside from some on the aromantic spectrum, have the potential to experience romantic attraction to fictional characters.

    The sexual counterpart is kaitasexual.


    The term was coined on Scratch by user LetsPlayGameOn on or before October 26, 2020.


    The second flag is a slightly modified version of the first, centering the circle and heart and changing it to a more typical flag size format. The modifications were done by Wiki user Nivviecloud, whose version of the flag was uploaded on August 1, 2021.[1]