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    The kaigender flag by Dxxnkichu

    Kaigender describes a gender identity that includes at least 2 types of gendered feelings. One may identify as kaigender (or a form of kaigender) on its own or in addition to other gender identities.

    Kaigender Identities

    The forms of kaigender coined so far are:

    • Kaifemagender - both feminine and masculine
    • Kaifenegender - both feminine and neutral
    • Kaifecegender - both feminine and epicene
    • Kaimanegender - both masculine and neutral
    • Kaimacegender - both masculine and epicene
    • Kainecegender - both neutral and epicene
    • Kaixefegender - both xenic and feminine
    • Kaixemagender - both xenic and masculine
    • Kaixenegender - both xenic and neutral
    • Kaixecegenderm - both xenic and epicene

    History and Flag

    Kaigender was coined on February 6th by FANDOM user Dxxnkichu and put on the LGBTA+ Wiki on February 7th.

    The prefix “kai” comes from the Greek word “και τα δυο” which means both.

    The kaigender flag was created by FANDOM user Dxxnkichu. Green represents neutrality, pink represents femininity, and blue to represents masculinity. The light red, dark red, light purple and dark purple stripes represent fluid genders, including forms of genderlessness; the constrast in shades of red and purple - which are typically depicted as opposite ends of the rainbow - represents the full gender spectrum and everything in between. The yellow represents anonbinary genders while the orange and other purple shows genders that fall within the gender binary while being combined.

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