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    Proposed joto flag.

    Joto (also spelled Xoto or Choto) and Jota are reclaimed Spanish slurs used against queer people in Mexico, Honduras and Chile. [1] Although it is more commonly used for AMAB people, it is possible to see it used for AFABs. [2]


    The origin of Joto could be in the Sota de Oros, card of the Spanish Deck. Fragment of “Cartas del juego Tute” By Tupeorpesadilla.com718 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

    The origin of this expression is not clear at the moment, but there are several theories among which the following stand out.

    · On one hand, some say it comes from “Sota” a figure of Spanish deck of cards because someone sees in the illustration effeminate attributes.

    · Others say that “Joto” is the breastfed baby goat and might be related to blowjobs.

    · The most common theory is that which refers to the Mexican prison in the city of Lecumberry, according to which homosexuals were locked in the “J” section, although there are also those who say that it was because in that section were locked the imprisoned by the famous “Dance of the 41”.

    · And the most surprising theory is that “Joto” would come from the Aragonese Jota (famous Spanish dance and song) through the semantic leap dance – woman – homosexual.


    The only thing we know for sure is that the first reference of the word Joto is found in an article by the Colombian Federico Aguilar, dated in 1883 [3], which lists a number of used terms in Puebla and the central states of Mexico, in which “Joto” is defined as “maricón” (faggot). This places the appearance of the term 7 years before the construction of the prison of Lecumberri (1900), therefore the theory of the origin of this slang that relates it to the Jota section of the Lecumberri prison, as well as its relationship with the “Baile de los 41” (1901), loses all validity.

    A flag was proposed on August 27 of 2021 by FANDOM user Hiddn.haydn. The colors are meant to be a blend of the Honduran, Mexican and Chilean flags.

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