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    The intramasc flag.

    Intramasc is a gender where someone feels a large, varied feeling of masculine genders. The feeling of gender is infinite, and largely diverse. An intramasc individual might feel different types or amounts of maleness/masculinity, and they may use a variety of terms to describe them. For example, an intramasc individual might identify as male, demiboy, proxvir, libramasculine, or any other masculine aligned genders. An intramasc individual may experience other non-masculine genders, but their maleness is the most important, expansive, or constant part of them.

    Intramasc is an inherently multigender term, as intramasc individuals experience multiple forms of masculine genders. They are not fluid between between masculine genders, but they may feel some genders more strongly than others at any given time, but all of their masculine genders are still present and have an effect, just more strongly or weakly.

    Intramasc can be combined with other genders if one experiences intramasculinity but is also another gender. For example, one might call themself an intramasc woman, intramasc maverique, intramasc neutrois, etc.

    The feminine version is intrafem.

    History and Flag

    Intramasc was coined by the Tumblr user I-Love-My-Trans-Body on January 27, 2020[1]. The flag was made at the same time. The flag symbolism is as follows: Yellow represents abinary genders and the non-binary nature of this identity. Blue represents masculine genders. Two different shades of blue are used to represent different forms of masculine genders and gendered feelings present in the intramasc identity. White represents the expansiveness of the identities that make up intramasc , and of the intramasc identity itself.

    The intramasc symbol is the standard symbol for men and masculinity but rotated in a non-standard way to represent the unexpected way intramasc is experienced. Prongs were added to signify a line going infinitely in either direction, in reference to the expansive nature of intramasc.


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