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    Original by IronDefender1

    Intellegender, or IDgender. Is a neurogender based on ones neurodivergence similar to that of autigender, where ones gender is based on the context or greatly influences their experience of gender from a specific neurodiverse condition.

    It is an exclusive gender only to be used by those with intellectual disabilities, including those with chromosomal conditions such as Down Syndrome, pre-existing conditions causing symptoms of intellectual impairment, or an acquired condition that may affect intelligence like Traumatic Brain Injuries.[1] Those with co-morbid conditions (ie. Autism and intellectual disability) can also use this term, as long as they also have an intellectual disability.

    It can be used as a gender or terminology modifier (eg. IDboy, IDgirl, IDnonbinary)

    Demiintellegender or DemiIDgender

    Demiintellegender, or DemiIDgender. Is its subset, a demigender, identifying as IDgender while simultaneously being something else (ie. DemiIDboy)

    Intellegenderfluid or IDfluid

    Intellegenderfluid, or IDfluid. Is another subset, a fluid gender where one fluctuates from IDgender to another gender or other genders.

    Intellegenderflux, or IDflux. Is somewhat similar, only these fluctuations are more frequent.


    The term was coined by wiki user IronDefender1 on February 12, 2021.[2]


    The original flag was made also by IronDefender1 on February 13, 2021. Its colors were inspired by the Awareness Ribbons [3] representing varying disorders and conditions

    • Light blue for Chromosomal Abnormality and Deletion
    • Silver for Brain Disorders and associated Disabilities
    • Green for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
    • Orange for ADHD and Autism, combining with green makes the Duel Diagnosis ribbon
    • Jeans blue for Congenital and Genetic related diseases or disorders


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