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    The Ineptotermgender Flag

    Ineptotermgender is a gender where one feels euphoric towards gender terms that don’t fit how one’s gender feels. Usually those who are ineptotermgender identify as gender terms that don’t fit their gender because they like the thought of being those genders, or they can picture themselves being that gender/those genders for a particular reason. For example, a demiboy individual could picture themselves as a xenogender and identify as said xenogender, even though they don't entirely feel like it fits.

    This identity can be fluid or static. It depends on the individual, and can vary between individuals. One does not have to identify as all of the unfit terms they feel or see, and regardless the terms can only be within one’s own culture. It was made with neurodivergent people in mind. However, anyone may identify as ineptotermgender.

    One who identifies as Inteptotermgender may refer to themself as a "Inteptoboy," "Inteptogirl," "Inteptoenby," or just Inteptotermgender or another combination.

    History & Etymology

    Ineptotermgender was created by Beebiexs (formerly once known as, "BennieBlueby") on July 15th, 2021, and FANDOM user TeddyDraco gave the identity its name. “Inepto” is the Spanish word for “unfit”.


    The ineptotermgender flag was designed by FANDOM user TeddyDraco on July 16th of 2021. It has no confirmed meaning.

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