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    Imagisexual flag by Reign of the breadsticcs

    Imagisexual is a subset of fictosexual where one is exclusively or nearly exclusively attracted to fictional characters whom they could never see because the type of media they're from doesn't include images. This includes novels, poems, and any other forms of literature/fictional media which revolve around something other than visual representation like pictures, comics, or drawings.

    An example would be feeling sexual attraction to a character from a novel or a podcast whose image is never shown. The romantic equivalent is imagiromantic.


    The imagirsexual flag was designed by FANDOM user Reign of the breadsticcs on April 2, 2021. The purple stripe represents the asexual spectrum, and the black and grey stripes represent full asexuality. The eyepatch symbol represents the "blindness" aspect of imagisexuality where someone is only attracted to fictional characters they can't and never will be able to see.