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    Idesexuality is the attraction to individuals individually where gender is not a factor. The “idea” of an individual, their abstract qualities, character or, as many would describe, “personality", usually defined by a lack of physical preferences or not experiencing/comprehending gendered attraction. [1] It differs from pansexual, as pansexual individuals may have preferences based on physical appearance, while still being able to be attracted to anyone regardless of gender (for example, they may prefer someone with blonde hair over someone with brown, without regarding their gender). Idesexual, however, is the attraction to someone despite gender or physical appearance.

    The idesexual flag.

    Not to be confused with Idisexual.


    The idesexual flag was coined by Tumblr user idesexual-space at an unknown point of 2020. Purple represents personality, the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. Light blue represents sensibility and the ability to appreciate and respond to complex emotional influences. Sky blue represents sentimentality and the expression of gentle emotions such as love and affection.


    Idesexual was coined by Tumblr user idesexual-space in February 2017,[2] due to some discussion around the pansexual label around the internet. They wanted to make a seperate label with light differences, due to feeling as though they didn't quite fit the criteria of pansexual.


    Ide comes from idea, as the main concept of this orientation is finding attraction to the idea of someone.


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    2. https://idesexual-space.tumblr.com/post/161867434576/idesexual-what-does-it-mean
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