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    Hedophoria is a form of gender euphoria where comfort or joy experienced when one presents as, or can viewed as two different genders and/or the joy experienced when imagining oneself as a given set of genders.

    Hedophoria Flag by user Biggie "PP" Cheese

    Unlike with gender dysphoria and euphoria, gender hedophoria can come in only two different types. These are body and social.

    Body hedophoria is the joy experienced/indifference for two seemingly opposite traits. This can include euphoria about one's chest, where one is ok with having breasts and is ok with not having them, or with one's genitals. Body euphoria can also include euphoria about one's voice, body shape, facial features, body hair, etc.

    Social hedophoria is the joy experienced when one is gendered in two or more ways with no preference for either one. This can be experienced with friends, family, or with strangers. It includes euphoria experienced when being called by the correct pronouns, the correct name, or the correct gender terms (Mr. Miss. Mx. Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Enbyfriend, Partner, etc.).

    History & Flag

    Hedophoria was coined on March 24 of 2022 by tumblr user Biggie-mothertruckin-Cheese. The flag was made on the same day by the same person, with the meaning as follows:

    The purple and light green were derived from gender euphoria flag with the pink stripe in the center representing the genders (if any) one is not euphoric presenting as.


    (Hedo-) Latin for "Pleasant feeling; primary urge for joy"

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