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    The current hairgender flag.
    The original hairgender flag, with only straight hair.
    The orange hairgender flag
    The blonde hairgender flag.
    The brunette hairgender flag.
    The black hairgender flag.
    The red hairgender flag.
    The blue hairgender flag.
    The green hairgender flag.
    The pink hairgender flag.
    The purple hairgender flag.

    Hairgenders are genders based on hair colors, hair types, and hair styles, regardless of whether you have hair or that hair color/type/style.


    The term was coined by FANDOM user Kazoous on August 14, 2021. The flags were created by the same user on the same day; however, the user created a new flag for the umbrella term, in order to be more inclusive of type-hairgenders. It was coined through this page and has no outside sources, except for Kazoous reposting the gender and flag meanings on Tumblr and LGBTQA+ Aminos.

    Hairgender had previously been coined by an anonymous user who was believed to be a troll on or before March 9, 2019.[1] A flag for the previous coining was created by Sonic through the Tumblr blog mogai-zone on March 10, 2019.[2]


    The top three colors, orange, blonde, brown, and black, represent natural hair colors. The middle color, red, represents natural and dyed red hair. The bottom three colors, blue, green, and purple/pink, represent unnatural hair colors. The white stripes symbolize different strands of hair types/styles, from straight, wavy, curly, braided, shaved (but not completely), bun, and bald/other.

    There are separate flags for different color hairgenders. The reason why the black hairgender's white stripes are vertical is because it could've been easily mistaken for the heterosexual flag if horizontal.


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