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    LGBTQIA+ Wiki:Community Guidelines

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    All articles and edits must follow WikiTide's Content Policy and Global Conduct Policy as well as the community guidelines for this wiki.


    • Any discussion or information on this wiki should be in English only. Pages and discussions cannot be easily or accurately monitored otherwise. Non-English comments and pages will be deleted.
    • Discussion should relate to the wiki itself or relevant LGBTQIA+ terminology.
    • Do not try to use loop holes. Use common sense and basic respect. Even if there isn't an explicit rule against something act within the spirit of these guidelines.

    Bigotry and Exclusionism

    These things will not be tolerated here in any capacity. Spreading any of the following will be punished severely and can result in an indefinite ban, with no opportunity to be unbanned. You will not get a second chance. It doesn't matter if you did it "jokingly" or not.

    • Anything that implies that paraphilic disorders are part of the LGBT+ community.
    • Anything that is racist, sexist, xenophobic, or ableist. And anything that shames addicts, solicits rape culture/sex-shaming, or anything that is against sex workers.
    • Any form of bigotry based on religious and/or spiritual identity, including but not limited to being antisemitic, islamophobic, anti-Sikh, anti-Native spirituality, paganphobia, witchphobia, and other prejudice against religious or spiritual minorities.
    • Anything that is (intentionally) queerphobic or sexist in any way, shape, or form.
    • Spreading exclusionist ideologies. This includes, but is not limited to: TERFs, SWERFs, truscum, m-spec exclusionists, a-spec exclusionists, those who are anti m-spec lesbian/gay, anti-male/masc lesbian, anti-female/fem gay, anti-microlabels, or anti-PNC individuals. This also includes anything that is anti-otherkin, anti-alterhuman, anti-vent regression, anti-furries, or against non-traumagenic/non-medical systems.

    Additional, more specific guidelines are as follows. If you create/edit articles or comments with any of the following it will be deleted or rolled back and you are liable to be banned anywhere from 1 month to indefinitely, depending on how severe the content is and if this is a repeated offense.

    • Claiming or creating any "orientation" that involves the attraction only to certain genitals or only to a certain AGAB.
    • Anything that mocks or disrespects questioning individuals, gender non-conforming and/or pronoun non-conforming individuals, or neopronouns (including it/its pronouns, nounself pronouns, and emojiself pronouns), or any identity/that calls a given identity "not real", "made up", "the reason individuals hate us" or similar (including xenogenders and neurogenders).

    Anything that says or implies:

    • That non-binary individuals cannot or should not use terms like lesbian or gay, cannot use certain pronouns, or otherwise polices the language non-binary individuals can use.
    • That any m-spec/bi-spec identity is offensive to or better than any other m-spec identity (eg: that pansexual, or any other m-spec identity is "biphobic", "just bisexual" and/or a "useless" label).
    • That the word queer cannot or should not be used.
    • That you need a certain, specific sexuality to be attracted to trans individuals or otherwise implies that trans men and women are a separate category outside of men and women.
    • That a given sexuality inherently excludes trans and non-binary individuals.
    • That gender presentation and/or pronouns must align to gender.
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