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    The group relationship flag.
    Alternate flag by Cryptocrew.

    A Group Relationship refers to a polyamorous relationship in which several individuals form a single unit. All participants are in a relationship with all other participants of the group relationship. This relationship may be exclusive to those in the relationship (not an open relationship) and the individuals in the group may consider themselves married to each other.

    Not all polyamorous relationships are group relationships. Some members of a polyamorous relationship may not consider themselves in a relationship with all other members. (For example A, B, and C are dating. D is dating B and C, but D is not in a relationship with A. In a group relationship all four would be in a relationship with each other.)

    It is different from a pluriad, as pluriads may include flings (as flings do not count as dedicated relationships.)


    It is unknown when the term was coined, however it has been used amongst the community since January 15th of 2016.


    The flag was coined by Deviantart user NonMonoPrideFlags on January 15th of 2016. It has no confirmed meaning.

    The alternate flag was coined on February 14th of 2021 by Cryptocrew. It uses many of the colors of the original flag. In the background, blue represents unity, purple represents emotional and physical interaction, pink represents love, orange represents respect, yellow represents consent, and pale tan represents compassion and emotion. The circle in the middle with the tans and browns connecting represent all races and genders and how one may share love and peace.


    1. https://www.deviantart.com/pride-flags/art/Group-Relationship-Pride-584663268
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