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    Greyfae flag
    Greyfae alternative flag

    Greyfae, also know as grayfae,greydoe or greythil, describes someone who is genderfae, but with a feeling of gender mostly influenced by being greygender, there are quite a few ways someone could fit this label, such as:

    • Being genderfae, but of a faint, soft, fuzzy or hard to identify.
    • Feeling as if one is both greygender and genderfae.
    • Flowing between feminine and non-binary genders at a very low percentage.
    • Flowing between feminine and non-binary genders, but mostly difficult to identify because the genders feel extremely weak.
    • Not being able to distinguish the genders in which they flow correctly, but knowing that they are feminine and non-binary genders.

    Someone who identifies as greyfae could also be Faeflux, but their gender fluctuations are weak and hard to identify, but still present. Identities such as these can be specified if one desires (greyfaeflux).

    The masculine counterpart to greyfae is greyfaun.


    Greyfae was coined by user Sxtanchild on March 23, 2022, wanting to make the feminine equivalent of greyfaun


    The greyfae flag was made on the same date by user Sxtanchild. It is a mix of the genderfae flag and an alternative greygender flag.

    The dark blue in the center, the dark gray, the light gray and the white are from the alternative greygender flag, while the colors in the middle are from the genderfae flag.

    The greyfaun alternative flag was created also by user sxtanchild

    This flag is conformed by the colors of the genderfae flag in a more grey tone that represents the "grey" concept of the identity.

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