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    Grad School Gothic also known as Grad School Academia is a gender related to many things in a few different categories. These are:

    Values: Sleep deprivation, Preppiness, Desperation, Eagerness to learn, Tiredness, Love for reading and literature

    Aesthetics: Dark Academia, Light Academia, Chaotic Academia, Internet Academia, Romantic Academia, Librarycore, Bookcore, Collegecore, certain parts of Cluttercore, Studycore, Cafecore

    Colors: Earthy colors, Leather Colors, Navy blue, Maroon red, Dusty purples, Browns, Dusty reds

    Visuals: The clash of organized (often put together, over achiever) students and the sleep deprived students just trying to get by, Full lecture halls, College/University campuses, Libraries, Coffee shops/cafes, Cluttered/messy desks, Full bookshelves, Notebooks full of messy notes, Notebooks full of neatly written and organized notes, Stacks of journals and notebooks, Reading, Writing, Studying, Dorm rooms, All-nighters, Trashcans full of energy drink cans, Sinks full of coffee mugs

    Clothes: University branded sweatshirts, Tennis shoes, Converse, Graphic Ts, Jeans, Worn out hoodies, Tweed jackets, Vests, Dress shirts, Dress pants, Dress shoes, Brown dresses, Circular glasses

    Music: Longview - Green Day, Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana, Classical music

    Media: Monsters University, Legally Blonde, Gilmore Girls (seasons 4-7), Good Will Hunting, Life of the Party


    Grad School Gothic was created by Tumblr user aesthetic-coiners on June 15th of 2020



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