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    The goblincoric flag.
    An edited version of the goblincoric flag by cubeflag.
    A goblincoric flag by Gxrldisaster.
    An alternate goblincoric flag by Gxrldisaster.
    Alternate goblincoric flag by Snailrat.
    Seven stripe goblincoric flag by Snailrat.
    Alternate goblincoric flag by Mycosst.

    Goblincoric is a coric xenogender related to goblincore.

    This term should only be used by Jewish individuals who wish to reclaim the term "goblin".


    Goblincoric was coined by an anonymous user via the Tumblr blog nebularomantic, May 14th, 2019. This origional coining did not contain a definition, however, the use of the -coric suffix suggests that the term was intended to be a gender related to goblincore. The goblincore flag was created by Tumblr user nebularomantic on the same date.[1]

    The earliest definition of goblincoric may have been by Tumblr user cubeflag, February 27th 2020, who defined it as: "[an] aesthetic gender related to goblincore (an aesthetic based on goblins)." This user also made an edited version of nebularomantic's origional goblincoric flag on the same date, and noted that: "This flag and term are only for use by Jewish people who want to reclaim the word goblin."[2]

    Goblincoric was recoined on February 2nd, 2021 by FANDOM user Gxrldisaster, via the creation of this article, to refer to: a coric xenogender related to goblincore. It is similar to dirtcoric and cottagecoric, focusing on the dark and uglier side of nature. It is characterized by "hoards" of "shinies", frogs, mushrooms, and moss. The aesthetic of goblincore itself is very popular in the LGBTQA+ community, especially among non-binary people."[3]


    A goblincoric flag and alternate flag were created on February 3, 2021 by FANDOM user Gxrldisaster. They do not have a specific meaning behind them.

    Another goblincoric flag was created on February 15, 2021 by FANDOM user Snailrat. The two green stripes represent moss and a connection with nature, while the brown stripe and black stripe represent dirt and rocks respectively. The white stripe in the middle is used to show a lack of a binary gender and the five stripes match up with those present in the transgender flag. The red heart in the center is in reference to FANDOM user Pluralanomaly's Coric flag, changed to red in this version of the Goblincoric flag because of the color's close connection with mushrooms and passion.

    A fourth flag was created on February 16, 2021 by FANDOM user Snailrat as an alternative to the five stripe goblincoric flag with similar meanings assigned to each of the stripes.

    The alternate flag containing eight stripes and small pixel designs was created FANDOM by user Mycosst on March 20th of 2021. The colors have no particular meaning, aside from being colors commonly associated with goblincore related items, such as dirt and moss. The small pixel designs are symbols of things goblincore enthusiasts enjoy.


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