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    The genderflight flag.
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    Genderflight is a xenogender similar to genderfluid and genderflux as in it is an ever-changing gender identity. Genderflight is a nature-based gender, which means it encompasses genders relating to the planet's natural features. Identities such as Genderfae and genderfaun also fit into this label.

    Individuals who identify as genderflight feel that their gender is deeply connected with Earth and nature, and changes as quickly as the planet itself. This identity is fluid and ever-changing like a fresh stream, but incomprehensible as the energy within all living beings. This gender can lie anywhere on the gender spectrum, but it is very closely related to Non-Binary identities because it is outside of the gender binary. Genderflight individuals may feel gender euphoria during natural events like rainstorms or listening to ocean waves, or may feel most like themselves when walking through a forest. Not one experience defines this gender identity similarly to how not one aspect of Earth defines the entire planet.


    The term genderflight was created in 2021 by Elkfeathers based on her own personal experiences with gender. After struggling for years to find an identity that fits, she coined her own term for her feelings about her identity. She has always felt a close connection with nature, and noticed a sudden uptick of gender euphoria during windstorms and forest walks. Elkfeathers feels a very close bond with genderflight and wanted to give others a chance to experience the same euphoria she did.

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