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    The genderescape flag. A four stripe flag. The colors from top to bottom are black, dark gray, light gray, and pink.
    The genderescape flag

    Genderescape, escapegender, or elusgender, is when one's gender is elusive in nature. Someone who is genderescape can easily understand their gender when they don't think much about it. However, when they try to explore or label their gender, their gender becomes vague and confusing.

    Genderescape individuals may know their experienced gender, but the more effort they put into thinking about gender, the more it eludes or escapes them. While thinking about their gender they may feel genderless, or like their gender is foreign or unnatural. If enough time is spent not thinking about their gender, it may revert into an gender identity they can understand.

    Some genderescape individuals only struggle with their gender when they think about their gender. Others can also struggle when thinking about the genders of others, or gender in general.

    This can be used as an identity on its own, or be used with another identity. For example, boyescape or genderfluidescape.

    Genderescape may be described as a form of genderflux where one's gender flucctuates from gendered to genderless when they think about their gender. It may also be considered a form of genderfluid where one's gender changes from recognizable to foreign or unnatural when they think about their gender.

    The opposite of genderescape is filogender.


    Genderescape was coined by Discord user Carpiem {shey/shem}#9775 on December 1, 2020.

    The flag was created by Discord user BubblyChildOfHades#9497 on December 1, 2020.

    Flag Symbolism:

    • Black - Knowing/Certainty of gender
    • Dark Blue Grey - A vague recollection of what your gender is
    • Blue Grey - Complete and udder lack of knowing your gender
    • Dark Pale Pink - Community

    The flag may also be interpreted as a depiction of one's gender fading (black to light grey) as they think about their gender (pink).

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