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    Genderconcerto flag by Reign of the breadsticcs

    Genderconcerto is a multigender musicgender based on the style of musical pieces called a concerto, which is a piece which features a dominant solo instrument as well as less dominant back-up instrumentation. Based on that definition, genderconcerto is when one feels that their gender is like a beautiful piece of music, but is composed of one strong, "focus" gender which is complimented and made complete by background musicgenders (like how background music supports solo music in concertos).

    Genderconcerto people specifically feel like the style of concerto music relates to their gender because of how they specifically experience musicgenders, musicagenders, and/or musigenders. A gender not related to music and/or music theory would not make sense in the context of genderconcerto, so while one of those genders could still be experienced by a genderconcerto person, it would be separate from their genderconcerto experience. An example of being genderconcerto is if someone were to feel like their gender was most prominently and centrally genderguitar, but that gender experience also feels complimented and backed up by less dominant musicagenders like violigender and genderflute. That person may also be any other non-music related gender as well, but that gender would not be part of their genderconcerto experience due to the nature of the gender.

    While genderconcerto includes any and all genders related to music in some way and not just musicgenders, it itself is a musicgender due to its connection to music theory (concertos are a style of composing and not actual music, making them related to music theory).


    The term genderconcerto was coined officially by FANDOM user Reign of the breadsticcs in a blog post on March 11, 2021, though they created the term and definition a few days before announcing it, and created the flag before announcing the term as well.


    Large, complex musical pieces are often associated with deep emotions, a concept with which the colors blue and purple are fervently connected, which is why the blue/purple color scheme was used in the flag. The large, dominating blue stripe in the middle represents the dominant yet not imposing or frightening music-related gender central to the genderconcerto experience, and the blue and purple color spectrums extending from that large core represent how the rest of a genderconcerto person's music-related genders are like background genders, but are still important and compliment their core, dominating musicagender in an invaluable way.

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