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    Gastrodysphoria' (or foodysphoria) is a generic term describing a type of gender dysphoria (falling under xenodysphoria umbrella) surrounding, related, caused by types of food, drinks, specific flavor, or combination of aromas, It is mainly related to flavor but can also be related to texture and appearance. It can manifest as distress, anger, frustration, depressive symptoms, anxiety, restlessness or unease, a sense of gender fragmentation or chaos resulting by eating food, looking at it, smelling it, and/or touching it. Someone who experiences this type of dysphoria may call themself ''foodsphoric'', and in the case where dysphoria is caused by a specific food such as an apple for exemple, the person have 'appledysphoria'.

    Experiencing gastrodysphoria is very different from simply dislike food since is a psychological distress, unease, fragmentation or a gender chaos related to one's gender identity '. The felt dysphoria can be intense to the point it may cause severe depressive symptoms, intense anxiety or self-destructive thoughts. Someone can experience gastrodysphoria but still find food delicious even if it causes gender dysphoria and a person can dislike a specific food without having a gastrodysphoria on that specific food.

    Dysphoria can be experienced weakly or strongly, and its intensity can fluctuate during or after an interaction with food (gastrodysphflux). Experiencing this type of dysphoria is not exclusive to a specific gender, as any gender identity can experience it.


    • A maverique after ate a pear, can feel a deep identitary infrigement, resulting in a deep psychological distress and a energy loss.

    • An agender after smell a carrot can experience a violent gender fragmentation and anxiety.

    Generic categories (non-exhaustive list):

    Lactodysphoria: gender dysphoria realted to milk products (cheese, yogurt, milk..).

    Meatdysphoria: gender dysphoria related to meat products.

    Vegedysphoria: gender dysphoria related to vegetables.

    Fruitdysphoria: gender dysphoria related to fruits.

    Cerealdysphoria: gender dysphoria related to cereals.

    Sweetdysphoria: gender dysphoria related to sweetened products.

    Mellowdysphoria: gender dysphoria related to mellow products (cakes, brioches..).

    Drinkdysphoria: gender dysphoria related to drinks.

    Hamburgerdysphoria: gender dysphoria related specificly to hamburgers.

    AppleMorphidysphoria: gender dysphoria related to any food who has an apple-shape.


    The term have been coined by user Crackorbarck on lgbta wikia on october 11/2021.


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