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    Galasigender flag by Reign of the breadsticcs

    Galasigender is a mutogender and specifically an aerogender where one's gender changes to mirror the atmosphere they're currently in. So, when someone's outside, their gender feels related to the current weather and nature, or takes on qualities of the setting (like, if they're downtown their gender may start to feel quaint and vibrantly vintage), and when they're inside it takes on the qualities of their environment as well. This may happen all the time or just some of the time, and one's gender may take on qualities of emotional environments as well as or instead of physical environments.

    This is not the same thing as one's gender simply changing based on their environment. For example, someone who was male when outside but androgyne when inside and feminine while in school wouldn't be galasigender. Galasigender is when one's gender changes with their environment, but it specifically changes to match their environment- feeling a stormy gender during a storm, feeling a happy, positive, cute gender when happy, feeling a vibrant, sunny gender when outside on a sunny day. Those are all just examples and don't have to be experienced by every galasigender person, they're just examples of the nature of galasigender.


    Galasigender was coined by Discord user reign of rainbows (Reign of the breadsticcs on FANDOM) on April 17, 2021. Raven designed the flag the same day.


    The term galasigender comes from the Chichewan word "galasi" which means "mirror", to represent how one's gender becomes a reflection of their environment.


    The double rainbow spectrum represents the spectrum of different genders and environments as a mirror of each other to represent how galasigender people experience a "mirrored" or reflection effect between their environment and their gender.

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