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    The gachaponic flag

    Gachaponic or gashaponic is a xenogender that represents and explains a specific type of genderfluid that is partially by choice but mostly random that is best explained through the concept of gachapon.

    Simplified gachaponic flag

    The gender identities the person is capable of experiencing feel like they are all locked up in a machine, each one in its own ball. When the person feels a need or want to switch genders it is like putting in a coin and turning the machine to let out a ball. Inside could be the same gender, meaning no change will occur, or a different one which will instantly be felt after 'opening'.

    The gachaponic symbol

    Sometimes multiple balls may come out at once creating a multigender situation until the next coin is placed in the machine.

    For some there can also be a possibility for the machine to 'jam' and the gender to be unable to change for long periods of time until it is 'fixed' again or the person running out of 'coins' and needing to wait to 'get' more. Others instead just may have so many coins per day they can use until the next day comes. Sometimes those coins can stack for others they may not and it's always the same amount of 'coins' each day.


    Gachaponic was coined by wiki user NezuGachapon on May 27th, 2021 and designed the flag the same day. This page is the original resource of the term.


    The flag is designed to represent the different balls in a gachapon machine, the colors meaning randomness, comfort, security, collection, and identity. The colors are mostly pastels to represent the clear plastics with a crank in the middle the darkest color representing not known what you will get until you finally turn the crank and get a ball.

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