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    The Fluidne flag
    The Fluidne flag (with symbol)
    The Fluidne symbol

    Fluidne is a gender in the Mid-Binary spectrum. It is defined as a gender identity where a binary gender and a non-binary gender are fused, but that binary gender is fluid, allowing them to change between Valene and Mione over time.[1]

    Someone who is Fluidne would not be considered multigender (meaning to have multiple genders at varying times or all at once), as both of a Fluidne's genders act as one singular gender, and they recognize their genders as being fused into one instead of multiple.

    However, Fluidnes can be considered Genderfluid, as they have a fluid binary gender which enables them to change between Valene and Mione on the Mid-Binary spectrum.

    Fluidnes are always included under the transgender umbrella[2] but some do not wish to be included, they may simply call themselves mid-binary, midbinary, midby or mbys.

    History and Flag

    The term Fluidne was coined along with it's flag on May 17th, 2021 by twitter user midbinary.[1] There are no known meanings.

    The Fluidne symbol[3] (and flag with symbol[4]) was made by miraheze user Bigender on March 21st, 2022. It combines the Valene and Mione symbols to show how Fluidne are fluid between the two.