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    the Doggender flag
    the Doggender flag without the paw emblem
    an alternate Doggender flag
    the alternate Doggender flag without the bone emblem

    Doggender, or Dogender, is a xenogender in which someone feels an extremely strong connection to dogs or other canidaes, either strongly identifying with them or simply wanting to incorporate them into their gender to better understand their identity. It was made with neurodivergent individuals in mind, specifically autistic individuals, as well as individuals who may experience delusions relating to being a dog or other canidea, or individuals who experience species-regression. However, anyone may identify as Doggender.

    History and Flag

    The term and flag were created by Twitter user Squippeak on September 6, 2020. On Squippeak's flag, the colors were chosen based off of how the rainbow flag would appear to a dog.[1] This page has since been deleted.

    The alternate flag was created by Wikia user Ratismyspecies on November 20, 2020.

    • Blue represents loyalty
    • Yellow represents friendship
    • Red represents adventure
    • Purple represents bravery
    • Orange represents social communication
    • Magenta represents universal love
    An alternate Doggender flag made by Soul of m0dem0n's system.
    Soul's alternate Doggender flag, without the bone emblem.

    An alternate version of Ratismyspecies's flag was made by soul of m0dem0n's system[2] in August of 2021.


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