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    The dependplatonic flag.

    Dependplatonic, also known as deplatonic, is a form of platonic attraction that only occurs within one’s depended(s). Can be used to describe any kind of attraction felt solely within the context of Dependent Personality Disorder.

    It is exclusive to individuals with DPD.

    The non-DPD version of this is cedural attraction. The system version is sysplatonic.


    The term was coined by Pride-flags-for-us on January 15th, 2016. The source is no longer available.

    The alternative name deplatonic was created by Reddit user u/hiitsyaz due to wanting an alternative name for this form of attraction.


    The flag was coined by an unknown user before January 15th, 2016. The frontmost heart represents one with DPD while the heart behind it represents a depended. The string-like figures on the frontmost heart represent the binding and compelling nature of attraction to one’s depended(s), a defining feature of Dependent Personality Disorder.