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    The denpagender flag.
    The denpagender flag (emblemless).
    Alternate denpagender flag.
    Alternate denpagender flag (emblemless).

    Denpagender, also known as dempagender, is a semi-aesthetic xenogender related to denpa (denpasong, the denpa animanga/visual novel type, denpa people, and and/or anything else surrounding denpa). Concepts it's related to include otaku culture, delusion, the idea of poisonous radio waves, powerlines, rooftop settings, dream worlds, a surreal and/or dark atmosphere, anime/visual novel aesthetic (especially late 90's - early 2010's style), unsettlingly hot summers, feeling erratic and alienated from society, an impending sense of loneliness, and anything else characterized by denpa. This term is not exclusive to neurodivergent individuals but was very much made with neurodivergent people in mind.


    The coiners of this term and its flags wish to go uncredited.


    The first denpagender flag's meaning goes as follows: The turquoise represents delusion and euphoria, the pink represents otaku culture and anime tropes, the bright magenta represents a surreal and odd atmosphere, the lime green represents poisonous EM waves/dokudenpa, the gray represents mental illness and paranoia, and the deep red represents dark or unsettling aspects.

    The alternately colored denpagender flag's meaning goes as follows: the dull teal represents the sky, implying having your head in the clouds and the vastness of delusion, the dull yellow represents an eroded and unfamiliar sense of joy, the dull white represents inclusion of all gender identities and sexualities, the pink represents the euphoric side of denpa such as obsession and surrealism, and the deep magenta represents the opposite, such as the horrors of delusion.

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