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    The denialgender flag
    Alternate denialgender flag

    Denialgender, also known as genderfear, is an umbrella term for various genders associated with doubt, anxiety, or simply just the fact that one is in denial of their real gender. Examples would be denialgirl, denialboy, denialnonbinary, denialbigender, denialagender, denialxenogender, etc.

    Denialgender is where someone is scared or afraid of identifying as a certain gender, whether it be due to dysphoria, judgement from others, insecurity, or anything else that's keeping them from being what gender that they truly feel like. This gender is supposed to make those who feel scared of being themself somewhat comfortable in their identity. A simple explanation would be someone who truly feels like a transgender woman, but they cannot express that due to the extremely judgemental environment they live in, and the fact that they, themself, have internalized transphobia. So the term that would best describe them would be denialgirl.

    Denialgender heavily relates to xumgender, perigender, paradoxigender, and even expecgender depending on the individual.

    This gender is made specifically for individuals with anxiety disorders, not necessarily neurodivergent individuals as a whole, but anyone no matter their neurotype can use this term.

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