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    Demilesboy flag

    Demilesboy is a term for individuals who identify as 'partially' or 'half' a lesboy. This most often means they identify partially as a boy and/or partially as a lesbian, whilst still identifying as both.

    All demilesboys identify as both a boy/man in some way and a lesbian, but may have extra factors that cause them to feel as if they only partially identify this way. It is important to note that not all lesboys who experience these things will feel as if they are only partially a lesboy because of it, the term exists for those who do want the distinction.

    A demilesboy may identify partially as a boy, reasons for this can include:

    • Being a demiboy, libramasculine, paraboy, or any similar genders
    • Being multigender / having multiple genders, some of which are masculine- or man-aligned
    • Being a rosboy or feminine/woman-aligned boy and in turn feeling as if one is not fully a boy
    • Having a weaker connection to boyhood, being a boy, or otherwise
    • Woman/woman-aligned butch lesbians who use the term boy, and who's identity as a woman/woman-aligned makes their masculine or male-aligned identity feel only partial
    • Being a futch lesbian who may use the term boy and girl, lesbian and lesboy, or identifies as partially masculine-aligned for that reason
    • Having an androgynous gender that causes one to identify as both a lesbian and lesboy, girl and boy, masculine and feminine, or male and female aligned

    Other demilesboys may also or otherwise identify as partially a lesbian. Some reasons can include:

    • Being a split attraction m-spec lesboy and feeling more comfortable with the term
    • Being a straightbian, gaybian, shadowlesbian, or other identity that combines lesbian with other experiences, causing one to feel partially a lesbian
    • Being duosexual or abrosexual between lesbian and other orientations

    History and Flag

    The term demilesboy was coined by Tumblr user thenelsonsystem on November 9th, 2021. It was origionally coined through the creation of this article, however, the coiner of the term also posted about the term on their Tumblr blog, November 10th, 2021.Tumbr post referencing demilesboy.

    The demilesboy flag was made by the same user on the same date. It was inspired by other demigender flags combined with the lesboy flag and has no set meaning, just that it represents the experiences of being partially a lesboy: partially a boy and/or partially a lesbian.