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    Delamour pride flag

    Delamour is a lover who one shares a bond that is so deep, so profound, that the word ‘love’ is just too simple. It’s not sexual, romantic, platonic, spiritual, or any single type of attraction (though it may share elements with them), nor is it simply a combination of multiple types. It’s beyond any label or category or trope of love. It’s a connection that falls outside definitions, that expresses itself in ways that don’t fit with just one type of love. It is a bond so strong, it is unlike anything others could understand without being in such a relationship. A connection on multiple levels. This love does not fit conventional concepts, it transcends them.[1]

    It’s a love that isn’t just passionate, but is infinitely deep, with no conditions, limits, or anonymity. Words like 'girlfriend/boyfriend’ or 'wife/husband’ or 'partner’ do not feel adequate. Delamours may have trouble describing their love to others and may feel words can never explain the relationship enough.

    Alternative Delamour Pride Flag

    It is compatible for multiple partners (polyamory) and it is not exclusive to LGBT+ people.


    The term appears to have been coined by Tumblr user system-lgbt in an unknown point of 2019.


    The Delamour flag was coined by a user going by Ruthie on November 21st, 2020. The flower represents the beautiful uniqueness of the emotions between partners, the stars represent ever expanding passion like the expanding universe, while the shades of pink represents passion.

    An alternative flag was coined by Jeb_CC on April 18th, 2022. The pink represents passion and love, the pastel pink represents harmony, the dull purple represents the shadow of the moon (referring to the statement "I love you to the moon and back"), and the dark purple represents the eternity of space and the universe.


    Based on the phrases “au-delà de l'amour” (“beyond love”) and “l'amour de l'âme” (“love of the soul”), both French. “Amour” (French) is from “amor” (Latin) meaning “love.” “Âme” (French) is from “anima” (Latin) for “soul.” “Au-delà” has no known official etymology, but goes back to 16th century Old French texts, and may also mean “(to the) afterlife.”


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