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    Deergender flag made by The Troublemakers in May 2021

    Deergender is a xenogender in which someone feels an extremely strong connection to adult deer or other adult cervids. One may either strongly identify with them or simply want to incorporate them into their gender to better understand their identity. It was made with neurodivergent individuals in mind, specifically autistic individuals, as well as people who may experience delusions relating to being an adult deer or other adult cervid, however, anyone may identify as deergender.

    One who identifies as deergender may refer to themself as a "deerboy," "deergirl," "deen-binary," or simply deergender or another combination, depending on their gender identity.

    The Deergender flag takes the colors of the Faunagender flag but more brown to make the flag more similar to the colors of a deer.

    Examples of deergender experiences may include:

    • Having a gender that repeatedly "falls off" or collapses and regrows in a way similar to deer antlers.
    • Having a gender that is skittish or only present for fleeting moments but other times freezes like a deer in headlights.
    • Having a gender that is strong and fast, often connected to male deer and is sometimes combined with a connection to antlers.
    Alternative Deergender flag with horns/antlers instead of the male deer


    The Deergender term was created in 2021 by Logan, an alter of the Chaotic System who felt a lot related to males deers, he also has a deer form in the headspace and some partial memories of what he thinks is like a past life when he was a deer.

    After all of that memories that he felt for a long time he was feeling really like part human and part deer, and after searching for an identity that can describe fully what he felt, he never found one that fit him, none of the other kingenders fit him and he decided to create the term Deergender to help people who felt the same way as he felt, and to help him get confortable with his identity.

    Blank Deergender flag


    The flag takes mostly the color an adult deer, which is why it's mostly shades of brown,

    • The first darker brown represents individuals who feel like/related to the adults male deer & cervids
    • The first brown represents individuals who feel like/related to adults female deer & cervids
    • The first lighter brown represents individuals who feel like/are related to adult deer & cervids
    • The grey/pink stripe represents the connection to deerhood and to memories related to being a deer
    • The second lighter brown represents the connection to hooves of deer & cervids
    • The second brown represents the connection to the fur and the behaviour of deer & cervids
    • The second darker brown represents the connection to horns of deer & cervids

    The male deer on the flag is optional, so it can be replaced by only the horns of a deer/cervid (if folks feel more related to the horns of a deer/cervids) or by a female deer (for individuals who feel more related to female deer) but it may also be left blank if one just wants a the flag.