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    Connected graphic is a polyaffectionate identity whereby a being feels comfortable having non-exclusive partners. This identity uses an analogy to graph theory to describe a being's preferred relationship style. In graph theory, a connected graph is a graph where all vertices (in this case beings) have at least one connection to another vertex in the graph. This way, there are no unconnected vertices.

    The connected graphic identity does not specify which specific relationship type or connected structure a being prefers, but rather indicates that they do not prefer against non-exclusive partners. Some specific types of connected graphic preferences would be linear (preferring to be part of a couple, a vee, N polyamory, etc., which can be described by the graph type P_n where n is the number of beings in the relationship), complete (preferring to being a triad or otherwise a pluriad, represented by the graph type K_n), or a polycule (a general complete graph).

    The complete graphic identity also does not specify a particular attraction type, and a being can have different preferences depending on the attraction type, represented by subgraphs to a more general complete graphic identity.


    The complete graphic identity was coined by Lilam Jazeefa on March 25th, 2022 on the r/Inclusivity subreddit.


    In graph theory, connected graphs got their name due to the fact that all vertices are connected as one contiguous graph with no disjoint subgraphs. The name is related to similar concepts in set theory and topology.


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