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    Condigirl flag

    Condigirl is a sub-set of condigender (a genderfluid identity) where someone only feels like a girl under certain circumstances.

    Condigender and condigirl are both mutogenders. Unlike mutogender in which one's gender simply changes in response to certain situations, condigenders are only felt in certain circumstances. Without these circumstances, the person may be any other gender (for example, a condigirl may usually be agender, but in a certain circumstance would feel like a girl and would not feel like a girl if they weren't in that circumstance).

    A condigirl may only feel certain fia-spec genders (genderfae, female, demi-girl, etc) under certain circumstances. Some examples of these circumstances may be:

    • certain sounds/musics/genres, i.e. cadensgenders (condigirlcandens)
    • certain people, groups of people, for other people, expecgenders (condigirlexpec)
    • in certain atmospheres, whether that be weather, settings, time of year, temperature etc, aerogenders (condigirlaero)
    • due to certain emotions, emotugenders (condigirlemote) or neurodiversity, affectugender (condigirlaffect)
    • due to outside observation/gender perception activating this gender, custodiogender (condigirlcustodio or condigirlobserved)


    The condigirl flag [1] was designed by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt on September 18, 2015.


    Condigender was coined by deactivated Tumblr user robotxt [2] before January 24, 2017. This included the term condigirl. The condigirl combined terms (e.g. condigirlaffect) were coined on the 18th of August, 2021 by FANDOM wiki user Nemosexual. This is the original coining page for those terms.


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