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    Five striped flag with purple, turquoise, white, pink and blue.
    The cisn't flag.
    Five striped flag with pastel pink, pastel yellow, a gradient, pastel green and pastel blue stripes.
    Alternate cisn't flag
    Alternate flag by cheeryfairygender on Tumblr
    Another alternate flag

    Cisn't, also known as cisgendern't, noncisgender or cisdissident, is an umbrella term for anyone who is not cisgender. It is not exclusive to transgender individuals, as not all non-cis individuals identify as trans. Even though trans may apply to them, they may not identify primarily as trans, because they do not feel they experience the trans experience. Cisn't includes other gender modalities, such as ipsogender, ultergender, isogender, demicisgender, etc. as well as trans.


    The term was coined on or before Febuary 18, 2019, however it is unknown who coined it or exactly when it was coined.


    The primary cisn't pride flag was posted on Tumblr account beyond-mogai-pride-flags on February 18, 2019. It is not specified if the term was coined there.[1] The flag's color meanings are currently unknown.

    An alternate flag was designed by FANDOM user Supernova508 on October 28th, 2020.[2] The flag colors represent feminine genders, nonbinary genders, fluid gender identities, any other genders or gender identities, and masculine genders.[3]

    An alternate flag was created by Tumblr user cheeryfairygender on June 28th, 2021.[4] Purple represents being transgender by definition, but not necessarily choosing to label as such, or not feeling like you are. Pink represents not being cis. White represents the difference/transition between cis and not being cis, as well as diversity in identities that are not cis. Green represents solidarity/relation to being transgender, or being transgender. Blue represents rejecting cisgender ideas, concepts, norms, and the cisgender ideas of binary.

    Another alternate flag was created on or before September 13, 2021.[5] It is unknown who created it, or exactly when it was created. It has no confirmed meaning.


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