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    Proposed chibados flag.

    Chibados is a third gender for AMAB individuals who present and behave in a feminine mannerism within Ndongo Africa. This can be compared to transgender women, lunarians, or other similar terms, however it may also be considered separate from these terms, as it is a cultural gender that is unique to experience.

    Chibados were involved as "spiritual arbiters in political and military decisions" and also performed burials.[1] Olfert Dapper described the chibados as shamans "who walk dressed like women." Portuguese priests and Jesuits described how chibados lived as women and were able to marry men with no social sanctions. Instead, "such marriages were honored and even prized."[2] Chibados made up a separate caste and elders referred to themselves as "Grandmother."


    Chibados were found among the cultures of the Ndongo and other parts of what is today Angola. They were first described in the west by the Portuguese. Queen Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba had over fifty chibados in her court.[2][3] These said individuals were said to live with by Nzinga as concubines.[4]

    As the Portuguese gained more control in Africa, colonial laws introduced and increased homophobia and transphobia.[5]


    The chibados flag was created by user CaseySeal11 on April 23, 2021.[6] It uses the Ndongo flag colors, but instead of a yellow sun, there's a pink sun which represent femininity.[7]


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