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    Celestial System pride flag by Softroro

    The celestial gender system is group of non-binary xenogenders that have a "soft, celestial energy” to them. It’s never hyper-gendered, one simply experiences a soft energy of a gender. These energies are not necessarily masculine aligned or feminine aligned, but can be linked to masculinity or femininity. All of these genders have a connection to space/celestial energy.[1]

    It should not be confused with the galactian alignment system, which is another gender system that uses the theme of space.

    The celestial system, and most of the terms used in it were coined by the Tumblr user Juparian.[2]


    The celestial system was reworked and expanded on by Tumblr user System-Lgbt in October 2018[3]. The rework made several large changes including:

    1. Altering many of the term's definitions to make them more standardized and consistent.
    2. Adding an agender option in the form of plutoian. The original system mentioned energy of void but did not have a purely void based gender.
    3. Adding new terms when the original did not cover the full range of gender options using the system.
    4. Creating new flags for all the genders.

    The rework was not approved by Juparian and the original post was deleted, however System-Lgbt reuploaded an explanation of the rework after many individuals requested it. Both the original versions of the terms and the reworked versions of the term are used, however they are treated as separate concepts.

    A visual representation of the original version of the celestial genders.

    Celestial Genders

    The following are terms that are present in the original form of the system as well as the rework. These terms kept their definition:

    The following terms are present in the original as well as the rework, however in the rework their definition is completely changed.

    A visual explanation of the reworked celestial gender system.

    The following terms are not present in the system's original form. They were created for the rework.


    The overall Celestial System flag was designed by FANDOM user Softroro on May 5, 2021.

    Purple represents feminine identities and fluid identities in the Celestial System, white represents soft, celestial energy and combination identities in the celestial system (neptunian etc.), cyan represents masculine identities in the celestial system and celestial aesthetics, green represents neutral identities in the celestial system, and brown represents agenrine identities in the celestial system (plutoian and combinations of plutoian + another gender in the celestial system).


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