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    CMY Color Gender and Attraction System

    Not to be confused with the Coloric System.

    CMY Color Gender and Attraction System is a system that categorizes all gender and attractions within the color spectrum, showing the infinite possibilities of what gender and attraction can look like.

    It follows the HEX Coding stem of colors and follows the basis of the primary colors of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow (CMY colors).

    • Cyan (#00FFFF) is masculine. Cyan is similar to blue which is symbolic of baby boys.
    • Magenta (#FF00FF) is feminine. Magenta is similar to pink which is symbolic of baby girls.
    • Yellow (#FFFF00) is outherine. Yellow makes up the third piece of the primary colors just like how outherine makes up the third point in the gender trinary.
    • White (#FFFFFF) is neutral. White is full of "color" but is without hue, which is symbolic for how neutral is still "something" without being masculine, feminine, or outherine.
    • Black (#000000) is agenrine. Black is a lack of all colors just like how agenrine is related to a lack of gender.

    Xenic genders are not represented in this system because masculine/feminine/outherine/neutral/agenrine is to colors we can see as xenic is to colors unseen by humans, just like how xenogenders "cannot be contained by human understandings of gender". However, some xenogeder people might feel a connection to masculine/feminine/outherine/neutral/agenrine and can use this system still.

    Combinations of each gender quality and their respective color create new colors. An example of this is androgynous, being a combination of masculine and feminine, which would be this color: #0000FF


    The CMY color gender and attraction system was created by FANDOM user IAmArtemisTheCat on August 19th, 2021, through the creation of this article and has no external resources.[1]


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