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    Exclusionist Association:
    Note that this term is claimed by and/or associated with exclusionists, however, it is possible to have a non-harmful identification with this term.
    New Bistloomic flag by Biggie "PP" Cheese
    New Bistloomic Flag with logo by user Biggie "PP" Cheese
    Old, exclusionist Bistloomic flag

    Bistloomic is a gender/xenogender in the Tavaline system connected to old/worn out stuffed animals (or blankets), particularly those significant to one's childhood. This gender may feel soft and comforting, but ready to be put away, or in need of repair. One who identifies as Bistloomic may feel as though one's gender is cuddly and child-like and connected to one's childhood, but now it is tired and doesn't have the same feeling as it did long ago.


    This term was coined by FANDOM user Ariathatsme on May 26, 2021 as an addition to the Tavaline System. The flag was designed on the same date by the same user and the meaning is as follows: soft pink/red/blue to represent stuffed animals and babycoric energy and grey to represent being worn out or disconnected from present life.

    This term, however, was coined by a harmful user who faked systemhood, manipulated users, was exclusionist, and was endophobic. Because of this, people may be hesitant using this term, however it may be used in a reclaiming manner.

    The new flag was created by FANDOM user Biggie "PP" Cheese on or before March 2, 2022 as a way to reclaim the term. It has the following meaning:

    • Pink-Red for a reference to feminine babycore and toys
    • Yellow for the once cuddly nature of the gender
    • Blue for a reference to masculine babycore and toys
    • Blue-Green for the age of the gender
    • Brown for the worn out material
    • Dark green for the dirt and grime that it has accumulated over the years


    The word bist is Frisian for "animal" and the word loom is Estonian for "animal".

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