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    Bifluid flag

    Bifluid is an orientation where someone is bisexual with fluid attraction. It has some overlap with biflux and abrosexual. A bifluid person may feel attraction to men and women, but only sometimes to men, for example.

    Another added definition for bifluid which remains consistent with its biflux and abrosexual overlap is, "Someone who is bisexual and is fluid between different sexual orientations." This particular definition could be considered a combination of bisexual and abrosexual rather than an overlap however.

    This flag is often used when it's your intensity of the attraction to your genders that fluctuates.
    Alternate Bifluid Flag (or bi fluid flag) This flag is more often used for when it's the intensity of your attraction to your genders that fluctuates

    Those who are bifluid might also feel like their romantic or sexual attraction for each gender changes frequently too. For example, they might like men/boys romantically (but not sexually) and girls/women sexually and romantically one day, but the opposite the next.

    Alternate Bifluid flag, created by @_kawaiidawn_


    The bifluid flag was created by Tumblr user pride-on-a-string. It is a combination of the bisexual and the abrosexual flags. The alternate Bifluid flag was created by Twitter user @_kawaiidawn_ and is based on the bisexual and genderfluid flag colors. White stands for lack of attraction, light pink for romantic attraction to women, pink being sexual attraction to women, purple meaning attraction to both genders, blue meaning romantic attraction to men, dark blue meaning sexual attraction to men, and black meaning attraction to all genders. As for the alternate flag that includes green, the green is meant to symbolize the relation to abrosexuality, the pink represents romantic attraction to females, the white represents sexual attraction to either (or the attraction to none), the blue represents romantic attraction to males, and the green represents the relation to abrosexuality.


    Bifluid was originally coined by an unknown user before or during 2015. The second coining of Bifluid as an orientation was by Twitter user @_kawaiidawn_ on February 21st, 2021.

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