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    The axigender flag.
    Axinonbinary flag.
    Axigirl flag
    Axiboy flag

    Axigender, also known as axisgender, is a gender in which someone experiences two genders which can be described as sitting on two ends of an axis. One of these genders is agender, and the other is any other gender. These genders are experienced one at a time with no overlap, and with a very short transition time between them.

    Axigender is different from bigender because there is no overlap between the genders and agender is always one of the possible states. It is different from genderflux as there is no smooth fluctuating; one either has a certain gender or none at all, at any given time.


    The term axigender was coined by an unknown user sometime within 2016.


    The flags were coined by Tumblr user asherwhy on or before July 15th, 2016.[1] The flag is half black to represent being genderless and half color to represent any other gender the person may be. It is split in half by a grey axis to represent the essence of this gender.