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    Awaregender Flag by user Biggie "PP" Cheese

    Awaregender (pronounced ah-wah-ray-jen-der) is a xenogender/mutogender under the Emotion Gender System that heavily related to nostalgia and a yearning for the "bittersweet" memories of the past. One could feel that their gender fluctuates while experiencing this feeling, their gender is only felt or is lost while experiencing this feeling, or they feel like the grieving of times gone by is an important part of their gender.

    Awaregender can be used exclusively to describe one’s gender, or to describe how one feels their gender. It can also used in combination with other terms to explain one’s gender. For example, a person could identify as genderfaun, but when feeling sadness, they could identify as female. They would be considered an Awaregirl.


    Awaregender was coined by tumblr user Biggie-mothertruckin-Cheese on or before March 19 of 2022 to help better describe grr gender.


    The flag was made by tumblr user Biggie-mothertruckin-Cheese on the same day of its coining. It has the following meaning:

    • Lavender for the dreamlike memories of the past
    • Dark Purple for the mystery of what could have been if something was done differently
    • Dark Blue for the realization that one cannot go back
    • Pale Blue for cherishing the experiences one has (and will) have
    • The two triangles represent the isolation that comes along with these emotions


    "Mono no aware" (物の哀れ) - a Japanese phrase that literally translates to "the pathos for things;" but can be interpreted as "The awareness that everything in existence is temporary and can be mourned or cherished."[1]

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