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    The autumngender flag.
    Alternate autumngender flag

    Autumngender is a xenogender impacted by autumn and has a bond with autumn. This feeling is not exclusive to the season, and can be felt all year around. The gender is connected to holidays/festivities, foods, nature/environment, colors, smells, and the overall feelings or aesthetics that autumn is often associated with, along with other things associated with the season. This can be felt along with any binary or nonbinary identities (including other xenogenders) and can be used by anyone.

    The counterparts are springgender, summergender, wintertidegender, and seasonalgender.


    Autumngender was coined by FANDOM user Cottagecoreconfusion on October 29th, 2020 to describe Cottagecoreconfusion's gender experience.


    The flag concept was suggested by Cottagecoreconfusion and created by a user going by Angel on October 29th, 2020. The flag is up to interpretation for the identifier.

    The alternate flag uses autumnal colours to represent the coolness of the gender with the two stripes on the top and bottom representing the seasonalgender motifs. The center symbol of autumngender is a stylized maple leaf to represent the autumnal feelings of falling leaves with the maple leaf being a staple leaf for the representation of autumn. This style of the two bars on the top and bottom of the flag followed by a center symbol is echoed by other seasonal flags. It was made by user Fruitindividual on February 10th 2021.

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