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    The aegoromantic flag.
    Second Aegoromantic flag.
    Third aegoromantic flag
    Fourth aegoromantic flag
    Aegoromantic flag
    Aegoromantic flag by Cryptocrew.

    Aegoromantic or anegoromantic, previously known as autochorisromantic, is a microlabel on the aromantic spectrum that describes those who enjoy the concept of romance but have a disconnection between themself and the subject of romantic fantasies. Aegoromantic individuals may have romantic fantasies, enjoy romantic media, or engage in shipping in fandoms, but they tend to feel little to no romantic attraction in real life and typically do not desire a romantic relationship. Oftentimes, their romantic fantasies are viewed from a dissociative third-person perspective, and not from the first person. They usually involve other individuals, such as fictional characters or celebrities with the aegoromantic individual only being a disembodied observer.

    The first stripe is mostly dark gray with a little dark salmon on both sides. The second stripe is mostly a lighter gray with a bit of a lighter salmon of both ends. Then the thirds stripe is purely white. The fourth stripe is mostly light gray and light salmon on in the middle. the fifth stripe is mostly dark gray with dark salmon in the middle.
    Aergoromantic second alternative flag. by ‪MYGENDERISNOANDYES‬!

    Some common aegoromantic experiences include:

    • Enjoying romantic content, but lacking the same enthusiasm for a romantic relationship in real life.
    • Fantasizing about romance, but the aegoromantic individual is not involved, or celebrities, or fictional characters are involved.
    • Cannot imagine themselves in a romantic relationship, or doing romantic things, (like kissing and going on romantic dates), or in a marriage, or in living a whole life with someone.
    • Fantasizing about romance, but it is idealized and unrealistic. Adding realistic elements to the fantasy makes the idea of romance less appealing or even repulsive.
    • Perceiving someone as "attractive", yet not seeing the appeal of doing romantic things, like kissing, with the individual in real life. The aegoromantic individual may instead prefer to fantasize about them.

    Aegoromantic may be similar to pseudoromantic, which describes an individual who experiences a non-romantic attraction which mimics romantic attraction, often by inducing romantic feelings.

    The sexual equivalent is aegosexual.


    Aegoromantic seems to have first been coined on June 26, 2016, by pride-color-schemes.


    The aegoromantic flags were coined by pride-color-schemes on June 26, 2016. They have no confirmed meaning.

    The alternate flag was coined by Cryptocrew on February 26th of 2021. The shades of green represents romantic orientation while the black triangles represents a wall in between ones romantic attraction and themself. The grey X represents the greyromantic spectrum.

    The other alternate flag was made by MYGENDERISNOANDYES‬ was made on June 7th 2022 and posted here on June 10th 2022.

    The salmon colors represent the romantic ideals and the shades of gray represent lack of need or lack of attraction, the white color represents platonic relationships.

    • The first stripe with mostly dark gray with some dark salmon represents, liking the thought of romantic relationships.
    • The second stripe with mostly light gray with some light salmon represents liking the thought of romantic actions(Kissing, going on dates etc.)
    • The third stripe which is fully white represents platonic relationships.
    • The fourth stripe represents with mostly light gray with some light salmon represents lack of attraction or need for a romantic relationship.
    • The fifth stripe represents lack of attraction/need for romantic actions(Kissing, going on dates etc.)


    'A' means no in Greek, and ego means oneself.



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