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    The autix flag

    Autix is an umbrella term and neurogender for any autistic individual who feels like their gender is affected by their autism in some way. It changes based on the individual who uses it, as one autix individual could view their gender differently from another autistic individual, even if they have the same gender. It can be used as its own gender ("I am autix") or as a modifier ("I am an autix non-binary individual"), as well as alongside other genders. It can be any alignment, can be fluid, flux, etc.

    The autix flag with more toned-down colors

    This gender is only for autistic individuals to use, and it was coined as an alternative to autigender. A general neurodivergent version of this term, rather than being autistic-exclusive, is neurotix.


    Autix was coined December 7th, 2020, by tumblr user comet-queer.[1] Another post, with two versions of the flag and a more precise definition was posted by the same user March 1st, 2021.[2]

    On March 8th, 2021, the creator replied to an ask inquiring about the meaning of the flag, and stated that the meanings were a work-in-progress.</ref>https://web.archive.org/web/https://comet-queer.tumblr.com/post/645132687509798912/does-the-autix-flag-have-any-meanings </ref> However, that blog later became inactive.[3]

    On March 28th, 2021, the term was reuploaded to the creator's new blog, faegai, now with flag color meanings.[4]


    The meaning of the flag is as follows: dark green represents understanding of how autism affects ones identity. Green represents growth. Yellow represents acceptance of ones autism and joy in being autistic. Red represents passion and love for ones identity. Dark red represents supporting and loving other autix and autigender individuals.


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