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    The autiace flag.

    Autiace or autiasexual is a sexual orientation on the asexual spectrum which can only be understood in the context of being on the autism spectrum, when one's autism greatly affects one's asexuality. Autiace is not autism as a sexual orientation, but rather an ace-spec identity that is so heavily influenced by autism that one's autism and one's asexuality cannot be unlinked.
    There are studies indicating that individuals on the autism spectrum are more likely to identify as asexual.[1][2] Autistic individuals may also seek to engage in sexual activities for stimming purposes[3] as opposed to sexual attraction or even sexual drive. They may also have a special interest that can overlap with/be incorporated into sexual activity in some way. Thus, an ace, even nonlibidoist autistic individual may experience an asexual interest or comfort in sex in a way that, inherently, can only be explained or understood as asexual in relation to their autism. On the contrary, it is also possible for sensory processing and/or communication difficulties due to autism to make sexual things unpleasant and/or confusing[4] which may in turn supress sexual attraction to others. These are just examples and not necessarily an exhaustive list of the ways asexuality and autism can be inseparable for autistics.

    Autiace flux

    Not all autistic asexual individuals identify as autiace, only those whose asexuality is influenced by them being autistic. Autiace is an exclusive identity only to be used by individuals on the autism spectrum. However, autistic individuals anywhere on the asexual spectrum (i.e. including demisexual, greysexual, etc.) may identify as autiace.

    The aromantic counterpart is autiaro.


    The autiace flag has five horizontal stripes - black, gray, white, gray, black - with a purple infinity symbol in the middle, which vertically reaches between the middles of the gray stripes and has a white outline. The colors are from the asexual flag and as such they represent the asexual spectrum, while the infinity symbol represents the autism spectrum.


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