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    The aurean pride flag

    Aurean (also spelled auraean) is a xenogender in which one's identity is affiliated with the wind.

    An alternate aurean flag

    Aurean people feel that their gender exists outside both the binary and non-binary spectrums, but certain elements of their identity can dip into the spectrums (resulting in fusions like aureboy, auregirl, and aurenby). One might feel like they are agender but have a part of them that is on the gender spectrum. It is not the same as libragender in that libragender is a partial connection to a gender on the spectrum, while aurean is completely outside the spectrum with specific elements of the identity, but not the identity itself, being connected to a gender.


    "Aurean" comes from aurae, which were ancient Roman spirits of wind.


    The flag was created by Reddit user KidAtTheBackOfTheBus in October 2020. The purple symbolizes the binary spectrum (a fusion of pink and blue, masculine and feminine) which the white triskele (a Celtic symbol of wind) only barely touches, symbolizing the minor, almost insignificant association with the spectrum. The teal represents freedom from the gender spectra, as well as the sky, while the yellow, orange, and pink symbolize the sun, which is the source of all wind on Earth.

    An alternate flag was created by FANDOM user Slytherpuffocelot. As in the original flag, purple symbolizes the binary spectrum, and teal freedom from gender. Light grey symbolizes the wind, and light blue represents the nearly-insignificant connection with the gender spectra. Yellow represents the nonbinary spectrum.


    Aurean was coined by KidAtTheBackOfTheBus in October 2020, who also created the flag a few days later.

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