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    Anderson's Arthurgender flag.
    Akumadetective's Arthurgender flag

    Arthurgender is an aesthetigender in which one feel highly connected to heroes in stories, movies, or shows. They could be connected to the aesthetics of heroes, potentially including superheroes. The gender may feel strong, brave, but insecure, or scared to lose.

    The villian counterpart is antagender.


    The term Arthurgender started out as either a troll term or an unrealistic term, and was later reclaimed by a FANDOM user going by Al on November 13, 2020.


    Two Arthurgender flags were coined on November 15th of 2020. The first one was made by a user going by Anderson. Red stands for royalty (for King Arthur) and capes (for heroes), gold stands for courage and determination, and the black star represents not giving up despite your insecurities.

    The second one was designed by akumadetective. It is a flag with cross half in blue half in red with a background divided diagonally across the top left red the bottom right white with a golden crown in the middle. It was designed inspired by a tapestry[1] of King Arthur. The red and blue top half of the cross is to symbolize the strength of heroes and willingness to do what they can to fight and protect with the white and red lower half to symbolize the insecurity hiding beneath that strength. The golden crown in the middle for King Arthur and to show one is strongest acknowledging both their insecurities and their strengths together.


    The definition behind Arthurgender was inspired by the definition of Arthur, which is a well respected king.


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