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    The angelcoric flag
    Pride-Flags' angelcoric flag
    An alternate angelcoric flag
    The alternate angelcoric flag without the emblem
    Another alternate angelcoric flag
    Another alt flag by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt

    Angelcoric is a coric xenogender related to angelcore. It is delicate and soft and invokes imagery of things that are vintage and faded, as well as gentle imagery such as soft clouds, white lace, feathers, angels and cherub motifs. It can have a distant, nostalgic feeling of something one has not experienced in their lifetime.

    It was originally defined as "a xenogender related to angelcore"[1]


    Angelcoric was coined on February 15, 2019, by someone going by 'Hi' via Tumblr blog Beyond-Mogai-Pride-Flags.[2]

    It was redefined- alongside a number of coric terms- on May 31, 2020, by Fandom user Chaoticcylinder for what seems to be no reason.[3]


    The angelcoric flag appears to have been created by Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags on August 1, 2019.[4] An alternate flag was created by Tumblr user MOGAI-Identities-Blog on June 18, 2019, although they have since privated their blog.[5]

    Another alternative flag was created by Wikia user Pride-Flags, and is intended to be easier on the eyes.

    The alternate heart flag was designed by The Anomaly. The colors were lifted from preexisting angelcore images.

    Another alternate angelcoric flag was designed as a redesign of the original flag to be easier on the eyes, by Mod Hermy of Pride-Flags on DeviantArt



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