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    The analloerotic flag

    Analloerotic, also known as analloerotism, analloeroticity, or analloeroticism, is a term to describe having no sexual interest in other individuals or sexual feelings directed towards other individuals.[1] This is distinct from asexuality as they can be sexually stimulated by themselves and because asexuality is defined as not having sexual attraction, not in having no desire to experience sex with other individuals, as asexuals can have sex or desire a sexual relationship and remain asexual.


    The term originated sometime in the mid 80s and is associated with many transphobic analyses such as autogynephilic theory, or using it for autogynephilics that lose sexual desire due to the intensity of their autogynephillia.[2] However, it has been used in different contexts. It is also used as a medical term for analyzing those who do not display any erotic behavior.


    The flag was created by Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags at some point in 2018.[3][4] It has no confirmed meaning.