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    The ambivaic flag.

    Ambivaic is a term for individuals on the multisexual spectrum who have no preference towards any gender, they may or may not by gender blind.

    The term can be used by anyone who is attracted to two or more genders and has no preference for any gender, among the genders they're attracted to. It can be used a sexuality by itself or as a modifier for another sexuality (ie: ambivaic polysexual). It can also be used another word for pansexual or gender blind.

    It is similar to inmosexual, except ambivaic may also refer to individuals who are attracted to all genders whereas inmosexual refers to one who is attracted to two or more, but not all, genders with no preference between the genders one is attracted to.


    Ambivaic was coined on July 12, 2020 by Androidic on Tumblr.[1]